AER, after Drones really opened our eyes to cool new perspectives on the world, with AER every GoPro enthusiast becomes a master of aerials. No batteries, no danger, no hassle, no empty wallet. Just stunning aerial footage accompanied by the experience of a lifetime. From the very start, AER has been designed around the GoPro. The company’s mission is to create a product that fits the action camera perfectly: The sleek aerodynamic wings ensure a long and stable flight while the foam bumper protects your camera. In winter a Kickstarter campaign was launched which raised around €130,000 with almost 2,000 backers.


Browse the map and expand your network of game friends.


Software Development, Web portals and Mobile apps.


Phenomenal Garments started as a clothing brand and was founded in May 2014. The main idea at the time was creating a brand that stands for uniqueness, something that more people are trying to achieve through their startup clothing brand and clothing designs.


Phenomenal Garments is a platform where people can share their love for fashion with others. We want to be an inspiring place, and a free flow of new fashion, designs, and uniqueness is an essential element of this.


Aryzon it’s a new startup that recently joined our association. The goal of the company is to bring augmented reality easily accessible to everyone. The founders are launching a Kickstarter campaign on spring which will give them the final boost for a successful start.


Design by Estis.


Lensball is a perfect 60- or 80mm sphere, that bends light to form a tiny projection of the world behind it. It's a great centerpiece for your desk, a beautiful present, and a stunningly simple tool that allows you to capture the world in spectacular wide-angle. More at:


Xpressink is a starting company from Enschede, the Netherlands, led by four students. We produce temporary personalized tattoos for study associations and other communities!