Who we are

Every year new amazing tech startups arise in Twente, however, people are still too modest in this region. It is about time Twente is put on the map nationally and internationally as an incubator of great talent and innovation! We are the association for entrepreneurial students by entrepreneurial students in the region of Twente.

What we do

Hardstart is an self-managing incubator office space of student-founded companies, a community of doers and an organizer of events that offer student entrepreneurs real value. We believe that by putting promising ideas in a stimulating environment we allow students to build big companies in the leanest possible way. Come find us in the Bastille!

How we do this

Hardstart is about creating real value for all the people involved. Do you have something going or are you willing to get started? Are you interested to meet active, like-minded people and build a stronger network? Are you looking to collaborate or to contribute? Than this community is looking for you! Get in touch with us to join the upcoming events.

More about our partners

Wondering what your future will look like?

We are a full service HR agency located in Hengelo and we do everything to help you on a personal level. We see opportunities for you and we have the network to help you find your dream job. Besides that, we also help to determine which job suits you perfectly. On one hand, we focus on your educational background, knowledge and experience. On the other hand, we also focus on your unique personality. In which environment do you perform best? And which role matches with your qualities? Equally important issues, which are too often underexposed.

This is what we can offer you:

  • Professionals with the focus on the ‘human factor’ who can help you with finding a new job and also can help you with your personal development
  • A very extensive network of interesting organizations in the Eastern part of the Netherlands
  • Experienced recruiters who see opportunities and find that dream job for you
  • Jobs in many different markets. For all current vacancies, visit our website: eqib.nl
  • Coaching & training in different areas; such as talent development, to make you aware of your talents and how to develop and deploy them

Fulfil your ambitions
Before you know it, you will no longer be a student. So, prepare yourself for your career. With the help of Eqib you will definitely make a great start! We can actively assist you with personal advice to ensure you can fulfil your ambitions.

You are always welcome to come and meet with us in person. Read more about Eqib on our website, contact us via 074 349 40 74 or e-mail us at info@eqib.nl.

Interested in becoming a Partner of Hardstart? Contact us!