Everyone might know it that as an entrepreneur it is very useful to be able to link great ideas to great collaborators. Without an idea what you are gonna do, you won’t come far. But with an idea only, you are nowhere as well. But how to find work on great external relations and a lot of collaboration? That is where Hardstart comes in.

As a student organized foundation we are there for every young entrepreneurial Student. If you want to start with your ideas you are always welcome to drop by at the Startup Hub. But support doesn’t stop there. We are the party who is in touch with all ‘mature’ entrepreneurship organizations in the region. We can help you with partnering up with the Province of Overijssel, with the ‘Ondernemersloket Enschede’, with Kennispark, with investors et cetera.

Starting is after all not only about getting the idea on paper yourself. Starting is also about finding the right way through the system, but starting often needs also the support and help by fellow entrepreneurs. Hardstart is able to provide you this, or to link you up with parties who are able to provide this. Get involved and start connecting and collaborating.